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Play Is Important!

On February 5, 2019, Livingston Public Schools’ elementary students celebrated Global School Play Day (GSPD). Children were invited to bring in some of their favorite (non-electronic) toys and games to engage in unstructured play with their classmates!

GSPD was created by a group of educators from California in 2015 because of their concern that adults and technology were encroaching on playtime for children. LPS elementary schools have participated in the movement for the last few years, with positive results all around.

Across the district, students could be found playing board and card games, building with blocks, playing with dolls, putting together puzzles, and even making slime!

“Students had an excellent time playing with kids of all ages. They were able to focus on communication, play, and having fun!” said Mt. Pleasant Elementary School principal Dr. Emily Sortino.