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After Middle School, ‘Go On, Be Great’

Heritage celebrated with 484 students the completion of middle school – and the school’s 50th anniversary -- on Thursday morning, June 19.
Principal Pat Boland congratulated the “extraordinary generosity” of the class, which has participated in a variety of outreach with charities and fundraising for non-profits.

“Do more for the world than the world does for you,” she offered as advice to this 50th graduating class.
“Go on, be great,” said student Aylon Berger. “No pressure.” Berger was among the students who offered an overview of their Heritage years and preview of what they expect to come. He was joined on stage by Rachel Azulay, Jesica Porcelli, Aaron Litvak, and Sarah Wang.

With most of the students heading to Livingston High School in September, it was fitting that the Class of 2018 held its ceremony inside the high school’s Fitness and Wellness Center. “You are now ready to spread your wings and move on to new experiences and new challenges,” Principal Boland said.
The distribution of certificates was alternated with performances, the Heritage jazz band swinging and trading solos, and the choir performing selections that highlighted the themes for the day, the jazz band with “Happy” and the choir with “Ease on Down the Road.”