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Hybrid Schedule & Cohort Information

Hybrid Schedule <-- Ends 1/29

January 2021 Calendar

Cohort Breakdown <-- Sept-Jan 29th

Video Review <-- Sept-Jan 29th



February 2021 Calendar <--New Hybrid Schedule!


Video Review NEW Hybrid Schedule <--New & Begins 2/1


COHORTS beginning 2/1:

Cohorts for Semester 2 are now posted in the Genesis Parent and Student Portals on the left side of the summary screen.  As a reminder, these cohorts begin on Monday, February 1.  

Students are assigned to Cohort Green, Cohort White, or Cohort Virtual.  See the screenshots below for guidance: 

Cohorts were set in the best interest of building capacity with appropriate social distancing, and therefore, we cannot consider convenience changes at this time.  Please reach out to your child’s school counselor with any questions.