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Anushka Nikhil Places 1st in New Jersey and 9th in the Nation in InvestWrite Essay Competition!

Anushka Nikhil defied the odds by creating a high-powered investment portfolio that could make Wall Street proud. Anushka’s investment strategy placed her 9th in the nation and 1st in New Jersey in the SIFMA Foundation’s Fall 2023 InvestWrite competition. Anushka triumphed among thousands of participants nationwide for her astute insights into the dynamics of capital markets in the middle school division. In recognition of her accomplishment, Anushka and her teacher, Erin Carabello, were honored by the SIFMA Foundation during a special ceremony held on May 7.The SIFMA Foundation’s InvestWrite national essay competition serves as a vital bridge between classroom education in mathematics, social studies, language arts, and the practical application of research and knowledge essential for saving, investing, and long-term financial planning. “It brings me immense joy to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Anushka and her teacher, Erin Carabello, for a remarkable achievement in InvestWrite,” said Melanie Mortimer, President of the SIFMA Foundation. “Anushka’s essay details a very thoughtful and compelling plan for long-term financial independence. Her achievement signals the value of early financial education in setting youth on a path to positive financial life outcomes.” The Fall 2023 InvestWrite competition posed the following challenge to 4th-12th graders: ‘Which of your Stock Market Game investments performed well or poorly, and why? Using at least one of your Stock Market Game investments, how would you build a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds aimed at achieving a personal, family, or community goal by 2033.’ Thousands of volunteer financial professionals from hundreds of financial firms select the winners of InvestWrite each year. Anushka captivated this panel of expert judges with a compelling and insightful essay.