"This book is too easy!"

Posted by Kimberly Formus on 9/25/2015

In literacy intervention, students read a new book every day.  On Odd days, they read a book on their level and, on even days, they read an easier book.  The purpose of the easier book is to extend a certain concept, the language structure, and/or the vocabulary of previous books.  It is meant to be read quickly. It will help build automaticity, or rapid naming, of the sight words, which in turn will help in the reading of their on-level books. 

 I understand this can be frustrating when reading at home because they are reading them so quickly.  Here are a few strategies to use with those easier books that will add to the value of reading!

1.      Encourage reading with expression. Be sure they are pausing at periods, raising their voices with questions and exclamations.

2.      Game: Pick a word on each page that they have to find quickly.

3.      Discuss the book. What did they learn? Make a connection to another book or something else they’ve seen. What was their favorite part?

Happy Reading!                                                                                Mary Mcleod Bethune, an educator