Stages of Spelling Development

Posted by Kimberly Formus on 11/30/2015

There is a lot of research and names behind teaching spelling.  I get a lot of questions from parents asking how they can help their child with spelling at home.  It is important to know that you cannot expect your child to spell every single word correctly, nor can you expect your child to spell correctly just by "sounding it out."  If they are young and learning to write, we cannot expect them to spell a multisyllabic word or even use long vowel sounds correctly.  

But we can do some simple things to help them hear and spell with the knowledge they DO have.

In this video, you will see a very brief description of the stages of spelling development.  Where does your child fall?  That is the first step teachers do in assessing where their students are and where they need to go next in spelling instruction.