Practicing Words

Posted by Kimberly Colon on 12/7/2018

One strategy we reading teachers use for preparing students for reading success is word recognition.  As proficient adult readers, we can look at nearly any word and just know it.  We don't have to sound it out. We don't have to break the word up into parts to figure it out.  We just know it.  We know how to write the words and we know how to read the words. This is the goal for our children.  There are several ways to practice these words using the multi-sensory approach.  This will activate various parts of the brain to help put the word into their long-term memory. 

These are the words that are difficult to "sound out."  As we know, in the English language, it is difficult to decode many words.  We just have to memorize them. 

Here are some activities you can do at home to practice these words.  Children are considered proficient at these words when they can READ them, SPELL them, and WRITE them with no assistance.

1. Pattycake: Watch me as I demonstrate practicing the word "want."  Click Here

2. Arm Tapping:  Watch here to see how to arm tap for both lefthanded and righthanded learners.

3. Write in Sand (or shaving cream, or anything!)

4. Make the word with Play-Doh or clay.

5. Write the word using rainbow colors. Using colors helps activate a part of the brain that will help the children remember the word.