12/12/2016 - Windows 10 App Snapping

Windows 10 App Snapping - With Windows 10 you have the option to place up to four windows on a single screen. This is called App Snapping.  The ability to have multiple apps running on a single screen allows you to be more productive.

Side-by-Side - To place two windows next to each other on the screen you use the sides of the monitor. Locate the app window you want to pin to one side, use your mouse to drag it to the side of the screen until Windows 10 gives you a visual notification that it's ready to snap it into place and release the mouse button.

Four Corners - Using the corners of the display, you can pin four different apps to the screen. Just like the side-by-side method you use the mouse to drag your app windows in place, but this time you drag them to one of the four corners of the monitor. And, when Windows 10 gives you the same visual notification that it's ready to snap the window, just release the mouse.