HMS Succeeds at TSA Conference

Students from Heritage Middle School won awards in the 2021 NJ Technology Student Association (TSA) Conference. 
Carolyn Zhou and Amber Wang Received first place honors for writing and illustrating a "children's story". The duo wrote a book that taught children about weather in a fun, creative and engaging way.   
Harish Lolla, Neelam Pereyra, Bryan Qi, Anish Rangdal, and Fred Xu received first place recognition for their video game design. The team created a rocket simulator and crafted several levels of challenging, yet addictive gameplay while documenting their process and impressing judges.  
Georg Carr, Edward Chen, Brandon Lee and Eric Niu placed second for their entry of a solar powered race car. This team designed, built, tested and documented a vehicle that utilized only a solar panel as its power source.  
Congratulations to all who participated!