Poetry Contest Winners

two poetry contest winners display their awards

The poems of two Mt. Pleasant Elementary School fourth graders were recognized in the 2022 Young Writers' National Poetry Contest- "This is Me." 
Dana Brodsky, a student in Mrs. Szostak's class, and Udanth Sundar, a student in Mrs.Triana's class, received certificates to celebrate their winning entries, which will be included in an upcoming Young Writers' Anthology. The "This is Me" poetry contest encouraged students to explore their emotions and celebrate their individuality by writing meaningful poems in a variety of poetic styles.

Read their winning works below!

My Favorite Day by Dana Brodsky 
If this were all to happen one day,
Then this would be my favorite day.
Animals talking,
Trees with a smile,
Plants saying,
“I might stay here for a while.”
Homes filled with magic,
Balloons filled with joy,
And dolls talking about their crushes on boys.
If this all really could happen one day,
I would sure not let that day fade away.
I would hold it with my grip,
Never let go.
Because if this could be real,
I'd call it my home.

Run by Udanth Sundar 
Deer run from Lions 
It is not cowardice- It 
is love for their life