TSA Competition Winners!

Congratulations to students from Mr. DeRuosi and Mr. Zushma’s Technology Makerspace Classes and members of the Technology Student Association!  They have been recognized for their hard work this year in several TSA competitive events.  This school year's results are as follows:

BioTech (Participants conduct research on a contemporary biotechnology issue of their choosing, document their research, and create a display. The information gathered may be student-performed research or a re-creation or simulation of research performed by the scientific community. If appropriate, a model or prototype depicting some aspect of the issue may be included in the display. Semifinalist teams  are interviewed about their topic.)
Dhruv Anantaraman
Julian Katz
Ethan Liu
Sara Muni

Construction Challenge (Participants submit a scale model/prototype with a portfolio that documents the use of their leadership and technical skills to fulfill an identified community need related to construction. Semifinalists discuss their projects in a presentation and an interview.)
Mycha Anderson
Henry Lwamba
Luis Massiani
Yash Naidu

Digital Photography (Participants produce a digital portfolio addressing an annual theme. Semifinalists participate in a timed challenge and demonstrate competency their knowledge of digital photography in a presentation/interview.)
Avi Solodar 

Electrical Applications (Participants take a written test on basic electrical and electronic theory. Semifinalists assemble a specific circuit from a schematic diagram using their own kit, make required electrical measurements, and explain their solution during an interview.)
Arjun Bansal
Anirudh Srivastava 

Inventions and Innovations (Participants investigate and determine the need for an invention or innovation of a device, system, or process, and brainstorm ideas for a possible solution. Teams prepare an interactive display and model/prototype. Semifinalists present to a panel of judges (who act as venture capitalist investors) to persuade the panel to invest in their invention/innovation.)
Jacob Glazer
Ruhaan Munjuluri
Amir Naor

Junior Solar Sprint (Participants apply STEM concepts, creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills as they design, construct, and race a solar-powered model car. Learn more about JSS, then register on Cvent to begin your JSS journey.)
Ryan Chen
Gavin Lo
Forest Yang

Mass Production (Participants manufacture a marketable product addressing the annual theme. Teams document their design processes in a portfolio, including the duplication capability in the creation of three (3) prototypes. Semifinalists demonstrate the functionality of one (1) prototype.)
Sabrina Florita
Jasmin Kadwa
Jennifer Nam
Pari Narang
Anjali Sivaraju 

Mechanical Engineering (Participants design and build a mechanical device to solve the problem statement for the identified theme. Teams identify and research an engineering process and construct a mechanical system. Semifinalists participate in a presentation/interview.)
Isabelle Gantman
Eve Parrott

Jordan Harris
Benjamin Murkis
Jaden Sun

Off the Grid (Participants conduct research on a sustainable architectural design for a home in a country of the team's choosing (other than their home country), and document their findings in a display and a model. The model can be of the home designed by the team, or of a specific aspect of their design. Semifinalist teams give a presentation and are interviewed about their design.)
Dina Bojkovic
Isabel Goodey
Hannah Lee
Joann Mattam
Riya Sutaria 

Promotional Design (Participants create a portfolio of marketing tools. Semifinalists work creatively under constraints to design a solution to a problem given onsite.)
Derek Wagener 

Website Design (Participants design, build, and launch a website that features the team's ability to incorporate the elements of website design, graphic layout, and proper coding techniques. Semifinalists participate in an onsite conference interview, with an emphasis on web design as it pertains to their solution, to demonstrate the knowledge and expertise gained during the development of the website.)
Alexander Shkolnikov
Nicholas Son 
Max Xie