LHS Investing Classes Visit Nasdaq

students in front of nasdaq signstudents on nasdaq floor

In an extraordinary experience spanning two separate days, the students of Livingston High School's Investing classes recently ventured into the heart of the financial world at the Nasdaq stock exchange headquarters.

On November 21st, Giving Tuesday, the opening bell resonated through Nasdaq as it was rung by the CEO of GoFundMe, marking the commencement of a day filled with insights and inspiration. The second day, December 6th, witnessed an equally remarkable moment as the cast of SIX the musical took charge of the opening bell ceremony. Students got to watch the market open from the VIP Mezzanine Viewing Area, right above the bell.

Nestled within the bustling Times Square, students had the unique opportunity to explore both the Nasdaq floor and the immediate surroundings where Livingston High School proudly claimed its spot for all passersby. The excitement continued as students engaged in meaningful discussions with Nasdaq executives in the boardroom, delving into topics ranging from career paths and finance to invaluable networking advice.

This exclusive access granted students the privilege of meeting executive leaders in various fields, including data, sales, client relations, and options trading. The trip not only provided an unparalleled glimpse into the inner workings of Nasdaq but also left a lasting impression on the students, who unanimously declared it as “the best field trip they've ever experienced.”

“The LHS Business Department remains committed to providing unique and enriching experiences that go beyond the classroom, preparing our students for a future where knowledge, networking, and real-world insights are invaluable,” said Alex Lamon, Lead Teacher of Business Education at LHS.