English 4 (CP) (142)
Prerequisite: Successful completion of English 3.
5 Credits - Full Year - Grade 12

Completion of a summer reading assignment is required for this course.
This required senior-year course is comprised of world literature focused on major themes of writers of all periods and cultures.  The essential questions in this final year of high school English are designed not only to ramp up in terms of intellectual sophistication, but are also accompanied by a variety of works requiring a degree of emotional maturity.  Questions such as: How do Race and Gender affect our thinking and decision making? What are the ingredients of a perfect world? What makes for true love? and What makes something comedic? are used to promote independent thinking, critical analysis, and college readiness skills.  The end of the year culminates with an independent study project presented by each student to their peers that explores an area of personal interest and the formulation of an original thesis.