English 1 Honors (110)
5 Credits - Full Year - Grade 9

Completion of a summer reading assignment is required for this course.
This required English 1 course for ninth graders is organized around four basic essential questions that serve as an introduction to the thematic sequence of the high school English curriculum.  They are as follows:  How do our age and experience affect our thinking and decision making? To what extent can you really understand someone?  What makes a good friend?  What makes something tragic?  Additionally, each marking period/unit will spotlight a different writing genre (narrative, expository/research, persuasive, and literary analysis), a different literary element (character, setting, point of view, and theme), as well as a different oral speaking project.  Each of these skill sets will serve as the foundation for all subsequent grade levels. At the honors level, greater depth and breadth of content will be covered at an accelerated pace. Students will read more complex texts, assignments are more intensive and complex in that they promote expansion of concepts, creative problem solving, and critical thinking.  Interest in literature and learning, analytical insight in class participation, analytical insight in written assignments and disciplined work habits are key criteria for success in the Honors level.