English 3 Honors (130)
Prerequisite: Successful completion of English 2.
5 Credits - Full Year - Grade 11

Completion of a summer reading assignment is required for this course.  
While English 3 is designed for students to build upon question strands that emerge from those examined in grades 9 and 10, this junior-year course will also emphasize, but not be limited to, the study of a variety of American literary works.  Units are also centered upon questions that represent some of our country’s major concerns over the past two hundred years.  These include: How do time and place affect our thinking?  Is “liberty and justice” attainable for all? What makes a good citizen? and What makes something beautiful?  Each thematic unit will contain literature in each genre – novel, drama, poetry, non-fiction, and short story – spanning the history of our nation.  As with the preceding grade levels, each unit will also be accompanied with practice in a particular writing genre, study of a specific literary element, and opportunities to develop and perform various oral speaking tasks. At the honors level, greater depth and breadth of content will be covered at an accelerated pace. Students will read more complex texts, assignments are more intensive and complex in that they promote expansion of concepts, creative problem solving, and critical thinking.  Interest in literature and learning, analytical insight in class participation, analytical insight in written assignments and disciplined work habits are key criteria for success in the Honors level.