French 2 Honors (525)
Prerequisite: Successful completion of French 1.
5 Credits - Full Year - Grades 9-12

Completion of a summer assignment is required for this course.
The goal of the Level 2 Honors courses in French and Spanish is to achieve extensive language development in the areas of vocabulary usage, complex grammatical application and cultural knowledge.  Honors courses are recommended for students who want to be challenged in a more competitive environment.  At this level, there is an emphasis on building communicative competence in the four language areas:  listening, speaking, reading and writing, and developing emergent linguistic and cultural literacy in the target language. At the completion of a Level 2 Honors course, the majority of students are expected to perform in the Novice-High to Intermediate-Low range of language proficiency.  Students enrolled in these courses are expected to communicate in the target language in class.