Chinese 4 Honors (545)
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Chinese 3.
5 Credits - Full Year - Grades 9-12

Completion of a summer assignment is required for this course.
The goals of the Level 4 Honors courses are to be able to use complex grammatical forms to discuss cultural concepts and to be able to spontaneously discuss opinions and other abstract ideas, This course focuses on the acquisition of extensive vocabulary, the in-depth study of culture, the development of literacy skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing), and preliminary preparation for the Advanced Placement course.  All learning activities are designed to further develop communicative competence in the three modes of communication: the interpretive, interpersonal and presentational modes and to strengthen listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. At the completion of a Level 4 Honors course, the majority of students are expected to perform in the Intermediate-Mid to Intermediate-High range of language proficiency.  Students enrolled in these courses are expected to communicate in the target language in class.  Reading of advanced texts written in colloquial Chinese will enhance the student’s mastery of both written Chinese and the grammar and syntax of the spoken language.  Character writing will be further developed through extensive training and practice. The course engages students in an exploration of both contemporary and historical Chinese culture.