AP Chinese (550)
Prerequisite: Successful completion of Chinese 4.
5 Credits - Full Year - Grades 10-12

Completion of a summer assignment is required for this course.
Advanced Placement Language and Culture course is designed for the students who wish to receive credit or advanced standing in college.  The course prepares students to take the Advanced Placement exam in Chinese.  Students who enroll should possess a solid command of grammar and competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing the target language.  AP courses reflect interest in the arts, current events, literature and sports shared by the students and teacher.  Extensive training in the organization and writing of compositions is included. At the completion of an Advanced Placement course, the majority of students are expected to perform in the Intermediate-High to Advanced-Low range of language proficiency.  Students enrolled in these courses are expected to communicate in the target language in class. It is expected that all students take the AP exam in May.