Monday, June 19

Today's Summary… 

Morning Meeting -Today we began our End of the Year Memory book (see slides on Google Classroom).  We will continue this all week long.  

Social Studies- NO SS today due to guest teacher lesson on theme. We sure learned a lot more about Booker T. Washington!

Reading:Today we continued book clubs for our unit on historical fiction (CONTINUED TR’s lesson). Through our mentor text, Number the Stars we reviewed that good readers turn to nonfiction resources to better understand historical fiction stories. We read Ch. 16 in our read aloud novel, and jotted “Notice and Note” moments we had about the chapter.  Tomorrow we will finish our read-aloud and read in our book club groups. Reminder: you should complete your book club book by WED. 

Writing: We worked on drafting our letters to next year’s teachers

 HW: Read 20-30 min nightly and be sure to look over the Critics’ Corner calendar in preparation for sharing your favorite book (you read this school year). 

Math- Today we explored POLYGONS (Day 2 of this lesson) and REVIWED that we can sort them based on number of sides, lengths of sides, types of lines and types of angles. We completed the indep practice in our workbooks today. 


 Science-  Today we developed ideas for our  COASTER project and began building. Keep up the focused work!

**For specials today we had: ART AND MUSIC 

Word Study- NO Word Study this week 

Reminder: TOMORROW is READING FUN- bring in a book and cozy items for reading time with our buddies.