Wednesday, June 21

Today's Summary… 

Morning Meeting -Today we continued to work on our End of Year Memory “Book” (slides posted on GC). As well as, shared WISE WORDS for next year’s 4th graders.  We are almost at the finish line!!

Social Studies- USA Map Review -Can you label the entire USA map??? Have fun practicing the states this summer. 

Reading:Today we completed book clubs for our unit on historical fiction. Through our mentor text, Number the Stars we learned about power in historical fiction texts. We read Ch. 17  in our read aloud novel, and “Stopped and Jotted” ideas.  Then, we read in our book club groups.  ALL books should be completed (except George Washington’s Socks). 


Math- Today we played a JEOPARDY end of year review game (see GC for link if you want to play again) 

 Science-   Today we (finally  completed our roller coasters and tested them out. Good effort, Super Scientists! I will post the coaster videos on GC later  toady. 

**For specials today we had:PE 

Word Study- NO Word Study this week