Math Strategies


     Count On (Addition)

    Counting on by zero, one, or two is a simple first addition strategy.  Children recognize the rules of adding zero and one.


    Doubles (Addition)

    Doubles facts (6+6, 7+7, and so on) should be practiced so children recall facts quickly.


    Near Doubles (Doubles +1 or Doubles +2)

    Children identify a "near double" and use this to help them solve an addition problem. (If 6+6=12 then 6+7 must one more , 13)

    Communtative Property (aka Turn Around Rule)

    Children understand that the order of the addends does not affect the sum. (If 8+2=10 then 2+8 also equals 10)


    Using or Making Ten


    There are a number of ways children may use ten when solving an addition problem.  They may recognize sums of 10 quickly (6,4/3,7/etc.) from Calendar Math or might add ten to a single addend from knowledge of the hundreds' chart (17+10=27)


    Touch Math -- touch points

Last Modified on August 24, 2018