Curriculum and Instruction Department

  • The Office of Curriculum and Instruction ensures that:

    1. A rich standards-based and research-based curriculum on the Pre K-12 continuum is developed, implemented and maintained through continual review and horizontal and vertical articulation.
    2. Meaningful and relevant learning experiences are provided for all students using a variety of teaching methodologies and strategies based on a common language of instruction, creative and innovative approaches, attention to the students’ individual styles and needs, and the appropriate infusion of technological support.
    3. Assessment practices are consistent with instruction, emanate from the expectations of the Common Core and NJ State Standards, and vary to support the needs of all students. Our assessment practices provide a strong foundation and support for students so that they can achieve at the highest level on local, state and national assessments.
    4. There is equitable access to the curriculum at every level so that all student move towards achieving his/her respective potential. This Office works closely with the Office of Students Services so that appropriate support is provided at all levels to allow students to have varied windows of opportunity, take risks, and meet success on their educational journey.
    5. Teachers are continually supported in their efforts through a rich Professional Development Program that provides opportunities for collaboration and growth in content and pedagogy. This office oversees a wide variety of in-district and out-of-district opportunities for all staff with the primary focus on improving instruction and creating new pathways for students to achieve.
    6. Students are prepared for and thrive in the complex, ever changing global society through the appropriate use of technology, creative exploration within a variety of fields, and opportunities for collaboration with businesses and educational institutions.

    A scope and sequence of each discipline is provided by clicking on the particular discipline of interest. You will see a scope and sequence for each grade level Pre-K through 8. Programs at Livingston High School are accessed through course descriptions and mind maps of potential pathways within each discipline, entitled “Course Sequence for…”. Content area supervisors are listed with their contact information for your convenience. Special programs, such as, Library Media, the Gifted and Talented Program, Basic Skills Instruction, are also described after the major disciplines. 

    Mr. Mark Stern 
    Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Innovation
    Humanities and Professional Development
    Mrs. Jennifer Loniewski
    Director of Elementary Curriculum & Instruction/Professional Development
    Mrs. Natalie Topylko
    Director of Secondary Curriculum & Instruction/STEM and Testing, Data Assessment & Accountability