Health Services

  • The Livingston Public Schools are proactive in communicating important health information to parents/guardians. The district employs 10 nurses to support the wellness of all students. Questions pertaining to your child's health should first be addressed with your school nurse. Parents/Guardians are reminded to complete all forms relating to student health each year and update that information as warranted throughout the school year.
    As the school population becomes increasingly diverse, student health needs become more complex. Societal changes, especially those involving family structure, have impinged as well as impacted, on school health services.

    The Livingston Public Schools has the opportunity and responsibility to promote optimal levels of wellness in the schools' population. Health and intellectual development of children are inextricably related. Recognizing the interrelationship between levels of wellness and learning, the Livingston Public Schools District Health Services program is designed to enable the individual to function to the best of his/her capabilities physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

    The LPS District Health Services program is a comprehensive program providing students health appraisal and assessment, health education and counseling, both student and school personnel with health supervision, and management of the schools' environment.

    Essential to the effectiveness of this program is working collaboratively with school administrators, staff, medical advisors, local agencies, community members and parents/guardians. Recognizing that all members of the staff, other professionals, parents/guardians and community members participate in all health areas, the major responsibility for school-based health services lies with the certified school nurse and school physician.

Nursing Staff

  • Ms. Enkelejda Dauti
    Burnet Hill Elementary School
    973-535-8000, x6925

    Mrs. Susan Gould
    Collins Elementary School
    973-535-8000, x8122

    Mrs. Joellen Milano
    Harrison Elementary School
    973-535-8000, x8113

    Ms. Pao-Chu Tseng
    Hillside Elementary School
    973-535-8000, x8152

    Mrs. Marianne Cullen
    Mt. Pleasant Elementary School
    973-535-8000, x8142

    Ms. Kathleen Giordano 
    Riker Hill Elementary School
    973-535-8000, x8132

    Mrs. Hila Gal
    Mt. Pleasant Middle School
    973-535-8000, x8079

    Ms. Jacqueline Gilker 
    Heritage Middle School
    973-535-8000, x8145

    Ms. Lisa Kindzierski
    Livingston High School
    973-535-8000, x6928

    Mrs. Carolyn Ross
    Livingston High School
    973-535-8000, x8063