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    Livingston Public Schools’ Equity Goal seeks to improve the culture and community with LPS by enhancing inclusiveness, cultural awareness, anti-racism, and acceptance of individual differences through mandated curricular programming, extracurricular programming, and district operations.

LPS Equity Team FAQs

  • What are the LPS Equity Teams?

  • What are the goals of the Equity Teams?

  • Who are the members of the Equity Team at my child's school and how can I get involved?

  • What are the "100%s"?

  • highlights


    Here is a sampling of some the things that the LPS Equity and Diversity Team has accomplished and continues to work on this school year!


    • Established Social Justice Teams, grades 4-6
    • Held MPM Equity Summit for Fifth Grade 
    • Named 4th-6th Grade Student Social Justice Leaders (*to be done in June)
    • Created Student focus groups on equity, inclusion, and anti-racism in all schools
    • Held Community-Advisory periods, grades 6-12 with a 
    focus on equity, inclusion, and anti-racism
    • Created official district equity commitment statements, known as the “100%s” 
    • Worked to grow identity affinity groups in 
    middle and high schools 
    •Increased character and author diversity of  
    Media Center selections, classroom libraries 
    and grade level texts/novels


    • Offered staff professional development on 
    equity, anti-racism, inclusion, instructional tools through coaching from outside organizations, 
    book studies, conferences, professional 
    discourse, and collaboration
    • Staff engagement on building and district equity teams
    • Implemented curriculum resource expansion in Media Center selections and academic departments
    • Continued collaboration between LPS Human Resources and organizations that actively recruit diverse candidates 
    • Created a School Budget that allocates funds for building-based equity coach stipends, advanced equity training, and expanded professional development for all staff
    • Established official equity statements, known as the “100%s,” as a staff commitment


    • Conducted parent equity survey and presented results to BOE
    •Expanded Equity Teams to include all interested parents
    • Created District facilitated Affinity Groups
    • Created District and school-based web pages with accessible equity resources
    • Utilized District newsletter “Spotlight” to share with all members of community where information regarding our equity work is accessible
    • Worked to grow parent leadership and participation in building-wide cultural events
    • Established Equity Committees as part the HSA/PTA structure 
    • Revised the academic calendar to recognize holidays important to our community members