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  • June 24, 2020

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 6/24/2020

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    The teachers and staff have worked hard to make these last days special! I hope you have enjoyed the variety of ways our teachers have let the children know how much we love and appreciate them. These little touches -- from home visits and memory books to little surprises and class videos -- are from the heart!  We’ve had a great week but the fun isn’t over yet!

    Our last activity will be tomorrow’s Schoolwide Clap Out! This event has two pieces. 

    1.  Please go to your child’s Google Classroom at 11:30 to see the Clap Out Video.

    2.  Once you view the video then click the ZOOM link for our LIVE CLAP OUT. We will begin promptly at 12:05. We will applaud all of the children from kindergarten through the fifth grade!

    3.  PLEASE use one computer per family so we don’t close anyone out of the ZOOM meeting. We can have 500 in the activity. Families and staff will all be able to attend if all families use one device. 

    Check your email after the Clap Out tomorrow –we will have one last surprise!

    Thank you!

    Mrs. Healy

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  • June 19, 2020

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 6/19/2020

    Hello Parents and Guardians,

    We have finished our last full week of what has been a very unusual year to say the least! Together, we navigated the unchartered waters with determination and positivity. Uncertainty can bring a myriad of other feelings with it and I believe we have felt them all! The summer will give us the time to recharge and revitalize. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff for the incredible efforts they have put forth to keep our students engaged, learning and positive. I would also like to applaud our parent community for their support and partnership during these uncertain times!

    Next week the classes will be wrapping up! You will receive information from your teachers regarding their special plans. We will have our last Hero Group on Monday at 10:00 and attempt a virtual but LIVE schoolwide clap out on Thursday between 11:30 and 12:00.

    Fifth Grade Parents will receive an email regarding the end of 5th grade festivities.


    Mrs. Healy

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  • June 17, 2020

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 6/17/2020

    Dear Harrison Families, 

    Well, we certainly have had ourselves a journey over the past three months, and we have become “family” in every sense of the word! As a bit of a treat, this summer our Reading Project will give you the opportunity to  “taste” a variety of books that may be new to you.

    Our “Summer Reading Picnic” will encourage your child to read 2 or 3 books from a favorite genre, and then to also “taste” a genre they may not have explored before -- one as an “appetizer,” and another as “dessert.” When our school community is able to reconvene, we will celebrate our “picnic plates of reading possibilities” together during a schoolwide event. We can’t wait to see you again and to share some new book recommendations with one another!

    This brief slide presentation contains all of the information you will need for your summer reading picnic. Click for the template for the picnic plate that your child will “fill up” and bring back to school when we return. The presentation contains links to a wonderful list of books that our district reading experts highly recommend, as well as some great websites that offer engaging books online -- both are terrific resources for your “book tasting.” This information, as well as the printable template are also located on the Harrison Home page.

    We hope your family enjoys the chance to relax on a picnic blanket, share some picnic fare, and spend time together reading for fun this summer! We can’t wait to see you again very soon. Have a wonderful summer!

    Mrs. Cynthia A. Healy, Principal
    and The Harrison Summer Reading Committee     

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  • June 16, 2020

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 6/16/2020

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Your child’s materials were delivered to your home yesterday.  Special thanks to everyone who organized the collection and drop-off.

    Harrison's Summer Reading Program information was sent, and is posted on our website.

    Important DATES as we Countdown to the school year's end:


    JUNE 18th 5th GRADE - BEST PART OF ME with specials  - begins at 10:00 (5th grade homeroom teachers will supply details).


    JUNE 22nd LAST HERO GROUP 10:00

    JUNE 23rd 5th GRADE MOVE UP

    JUNE 24th WAVE CAR PARADE 5th Grade Only

    JUNE 25th CLAP OUT 11:30 More info to follow

    JUNE  29th   5th Grade ONLY drops off materials and Chromebooks

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  • June 9, 2020

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 6/9/2020

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    We will end the 2019-2020 schoolyear on June 25th.  While we faced many challenges this spring, I continue to be amazed by the resiliency and tenacity demonstrated by our families, staff and young students! I am so proud of how our Harrison School Community came together to model positivity, grit and flexibility for the children. Please join with us to make these last three weeks joyful and exciting. Below you will find details regarding the end of the year. Please be on the lookout for additional information in the upcoming days.

    We will be sending home the children’s materials on Monday, June15th with a rain date of June 18th. The teachers have collected their students’ important materials and memories. We feel that these materials will help to provide the children with some closure to a very unusual year!  The bags will be delivered to your home via district buses. The drivers will ring your bell and leave the bags. We are hopeful that arrangements can be made if you are away. Please contact Mrs. Fernandez at pfernandez@livingston.org  if needed.

    5th grade parents will return materials on June 29th and have been apprised of the drop-off details. All other families will return school materials such as media books, classroom novels and Chromebooks after the summer.

    We have several exciting activities planned for the children in order to keep the children engaged for these last few weeks. A calendar of events is included at the end of this email.

    Grade levels will be hosting end of the year celebrations virtually! We will also have a virtual Clap Out on June 25th. More information to follow from both your teachers and me!

    Here are a few optional lessons for your children from our Supervisors.


    Solar Oven Smores
    Harness the energy of the Sun to make the best snack ever invented!  In this week's science enrichment, students use recycled materials to construct a solar oven and make S'mores. 

    Liberty Science Center Enrichment

    LSC is offering many opportunities for science enrichment during this time. These include online lessons, videos, and Live Streams (every day of the week through Facebook live). Here are a few highlights!

    ELA:  Growing Readers and Writers
             Outdoor Literacy Activities

    Math: Math at Home Week 11
              Math at Home Week 12



    Mrs. Healy 


    JUNE 10th - 4th and 5th grades only --  Scott Chesney District Inspirational  Program, 4th grade at 10:00 & 5th grade at 11:00

    JUNE 10th - PTA Game Night

    JUNE 12th - ZUMBA –ALL students, 11:00-11:30

    JUNE 12th - MPMS Student Assembly for 5th Grade, 1:00

    JUNE 15th - Materials Delivered Home, Rain date is June 18th

    JUNE 17th - ASSEMBLY –ALL students, 10:00 DRAGONS

    JUNE 18th - 5th Grade BEST OF ME PRESENTATION, 10:00

    JUNE 19th – Summer Reading Introduction - Homerooms TBA

    JUNE 22nd - Last HERO GROUP, 10:00

    JUNE 23rd - 5th Grade MOVE-UP

    JUNE 24th - 5th Grade WAVE CAR PARADE

    JUNE 25th - CLAP OUT - TBD

    JUNE 29th - 5th Grade drops off materials and Chromebooks

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  • June 6, 2020

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 6/6/2020


    The events of the last week have shaken our Harrison School Community, state and country. Please be assured that we will join with our families to continue to seek opportunities to help our young students grow into kind and inclusive young adults. Please see the attached letter and resources. 

    Just a reminder - we have Hero Groups on Monday. Your child's homeroom teacher will have the list of all the hero groups in her google classroom. Your child should choose their Hero Group teacher's link to go to their meet at 10:00. 

    If you child can't remember their teacher's name - please contact Mrs. Imbimbo at  dimbimbo@livingston.org

    The homeroom teacher will be sending their typical agendas with assignments and the daily special. Please make sure to answer the morning emails as always for attendance purposes. 



    Mrs. Healy



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  • May 26, 2020

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 5/26/2020

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    We will be having our first virtual LIVE assembly! We are excited to offer this fun and educational experience to the children – as if we were in school. Thank you to the PTA for funding this program. Please check your teacher’s agenda on THURSDAY morning for the days’ lessons as well as the link for the assembly.

    “Science and stories, together!” Join us for a virtual show of a ScienceTellers program called “Aliens: Escape From Earth!”

    The event will be performed LIVE through Zoom on May 28th.  The assembly should last 45-60 minutes.

    Kindergarten, First and Second  10:00

    Third, Fourth and Fifth 11:30

    Get swept away in a zany, out-of-this world adventure. Along the way learn all about chemical reactions, air pressure and more!  The performer will answer questions, conduct polls/quizzes, and even teach a science experiment you can later do at home.



    Mrs. Healy

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  • May 20, 2020

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 5/20/2020

    Dear Parents and Guardians,


    Please support Red Nose Day! Click here for information. You will also find some kid friendly jokes at the end of this email which your children will find funny! They can tell these or others to grandparents or aunts and uncles to make them laugh!

    Join me for Kindergarten and First Grade Bedtime Stories on Thursday at 7:00. Your child’s teacher will post a google meet invite for the evening on Thursday morning.

    No school on this Friday, May 22nd and Monday, May 25th.

    Here are some enrichment opportunities from our district supervisors. A variety of fun learning activities for your children!

    ·        MATH

    ·        ELA

    ·        SCIENCE

    The Smithsonian has many online resources for enrichment. These science activities range from easy to difficult. Try one or all!

    ·        SOCIAL STUDIESMr. Bickel takes on Super Heroes!

                JOKES FOR RED NOSE DAY

    What kind of music is scary for balloons?

    Pop Music


    Why are teddy bears never hungry?

    Because they are always stuffed


    Why don’t sharks like fast food?

    Because they can’t catch it.


    Why do sharks live in salt water?

    Because pepper makes them sneeze!


    Why shouldn’t you give Elsa a balloon?

    Because she will ‘let it go’


    Where do pig eskimos live?

    In pig-loos!


    What do you call a skunk in a helicopter?

    A Smelly-copter!


    What is a dinosaur called when it’s sleeping?

    A dino-snore!

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  • May 18, 2020

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 5/18/2020

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    We are hosting a Student Council outreach event this week for Red Nose Day !  Just something cute and fun –after all Laughter is the Best Medicine ! 

    Since 2015, Red Nose Day has been a campaign with the mission to end child poverty by funding programs that keep children safe, healthy, and educated. Their mission is to use smiles and laughter to bring people together and raise life-changing cash for the children that need it most. The Red Nose Day campaign has raised $200 million and has positively impacted over 25 million children in America and around the world!

    Harrison Student Council wants you and your family to be a part of this wonderful cause!

    We’re calling all Harrison students to earn their digital Red Noses by showing a little kindness, spreading laughter, and bringing people together during this challenging time of physical distancing.

    How can you earn your red nose at home?

    Spread kindness and make someone laugh, in person, on the phone, or when having a video call! Earn a dollar by making someone laugh! We will be sending jokes home each night to help the cause!

    YOU CAN:

    Tell a joke…..      Make up a silly dance move…..    Make a silly face…..

    Parents -follow the directions to get your child’s digital red nose. You do not have to post via social media; you can download the photo you created!


    Create your own red nose using construction paper, face paint, etc. 

    To learn more about the Red Nose Day campaign and make a donation,check out their website! Find out how to earn your digital red nose!

    Please take a picture, and email it to chealy@livingston.org. We are excited to help those in need during this difficult time and bring a little laughter to your homes!



    Mrs. Healy

    red nose

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  • May 14, 2020

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 5/14/2020

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    We had a wonderful response to our Field Day event and the children had a great time!  If your child has not completed the event or the guidance lesson, please do so by tomorrow.

    We have just completed our eighth week of distance learning and quarantine! We certainly never expected this when we last were together in March. The children, their families and teachers have positively adapted to this crisis and risen to the occasion!  We are so proud of how we all came together to keep Harrison a strong and connected community !

    We recognize, however, that the closing of school brings new challenges to our school community. Students are disappointed and saddened that they will not return to their classrooms, participate in traditional lessons or celebrate with our typical end of school activities. Parents as well as staff who have been balancing their work and family lives under drastically different circumstances will need to continue to do so for at least six more weeks. All of this is occurring while we face the physical, emotional and financial repercussions of Covid-19. 

    But we are HARRISON and we are a strong, resilient and connected community!  We are in the last stretch of this marathon and will approach these last weeks with grit, determination and positivity! The staff continues to meet to discuss new and exciting ways to keep our momentum going and the children engaged in their learning. 

    We recognize that each family pattern is different. Thus, we are providing curriculum based lessons which are necessary for all students to continue to progress academically as well as optional opportunities for enrichment. We will also be adding a few special treats for the children so they have something to look forward to each week.

    Next Thursday- May 21st

    ·        Student Council will be leading our participation in Red Nose Day 2020! It’s a simple and fun way for the children to be silly while helping others !

    ·        I will be reading a bedtime story to our K and 1st grade students at 7:00. Children-Wear your pajamas and bring your favorite stuffed animal!

    Friday May 22nd and Monday May 25th

    School will be closed! Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend!

    While our end of the year activities will look differently than in the past, we will do our absolute best to make June a fun and engaging time for the children! More information to follow!


    Mrs. Healy

    “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow! It's what the sunflowers do!”

    ~Helen Keller

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