Special Education Parents Advisory Committee

  • The Livingston Board of Education Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) exists to fulfill the requirements of the New Jersey Administrative Code 6A:14-1.2(h): 

    Each Board of Education shall ensure that a special education parent advisory group is in place in the District to provide input to the District on issues concerning students with disabilities. 

    The Livingston Public Schools’ SEPAC will work collaboratively with all parents of children with disabilities and District staff in an advisory capacity to the District in order to: 

    I. Establish, review and maintain bylaws 

    Ensure that parents of students that receive special education services have the ability to provide input to the District regarding special education in Livingston and have access to information.  The SEPAC bylaws will be accessible on the District’s SEPAC website.  At their first meeting each school year, the Executive Committee will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the bylaws.  Every five years the Executive Committee will formally review the existing bylaws and determine if any adjustments are necessary.  At that time the voting members of the Executive Committee will vote on the bylaws that will be in place for the next five years.  

    II. Foster increased communication of services and information for families of students with disabilities 

    The District currently has many existing resources and communication processes for families of students with disabilities. The committee will be relied upon to consistently review and provide suggestions to the school administration for improving Building and District communication to parents of students with disabilities. 

    III. Facilitate and foster family involvement in family education resources 

    The committee is encouraged to develop and provide resources and information to families of students with disabilities through a variety of sources such as general parent meetings at the building level and specialized workshops, webinars, and/or meetings.  These can be provided to the District administration for the most effective advertising and dissemination of information. 

    IV. Foster and promote inclusive settings for all students 

    The committee is encouraged to collaborate with the entire school community, including those students who attend school out-of-district, to foster inclusionary practices for students with disabilities and their families. The committee is charged with the responsibility of increasing communication to the families with PT Council. 

    V. Provide advisory information to the District regarding issues pertaining to Special Education Services in the District 

    A. Scope and Duration of the Committee’s Operation 

    The SEPAC Executive Committee and building based SEPAC’s exist to meet the expectation of NJAC 6A:14-1.2(h). 

    B. Committee Membership 

    1. A formal written notice will be provided to all families of students with disabilities regarding the selection process and opportunities to volunteer to serve as a member of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will be comprised of twenty-one parent voting members, with representation as follows: 

      • Two parents from each of the nine schools; one parent recommendation from the principal and one parent volunteer from the PTA/HSA 

        • One parent volunteer who is a member of the PTA/HSA. If more than one parent volunteers for this position, a name will be chosen at random by the PTA/HSA. 

        • Two parents with students in Out-of-District placements; one parent recommendation from the Assistant Superintendent for Equity, Inclusion, Intervention, and Inspiration and one parent recommendation from the PTA/HSA.  

          • A subcommittee of the Executive Committee will develop a standard selection process to address conflicts that may occur in the process for volunteering. 

          • One parent from the PRIDE program; recommendation from the PTA/HSA. 

      • If the PTA/HSA is unable to provide a representative to the SEPAC, that position will be appointed by the principal. 

      • Names of the Executive Committee members will be provided to the Assistant Superintendent for Equity, Inclusion, Intervention, and Inspiration no later than October 1st of each school year. These will be posted on each school’s web page and on the District SEPAC webpage. 

    2. Ex-officio non-voting members of the Executive Committee will include at least one representative from each of the following groups as appointed by the Assistant Superintendent for Equity, Inclusion, Intervention, and Inspiration: 

      • Child Study Team Member;

      • Special Education Teacher;

      • Regular Education Teacher; 

      • Principal; 

      • Assistant Superintendent for Equity, Inclusion, Intervention, and Inspiration; 

      • Directors of Special Education; 

      • Supervisor of Transition Services; 

      • One member of the Board of Education as appointed by the Board of Education President.

    C. Duties of the Executive Committee

      1. To provide input and make recommendations on special education policy, programs and practices in the District;

      2. To act as liaisons between families of students with disabilities and the District in order to share comments and concerns with District leaders;

      3. The committee may elect to establish subcommittees for areas of focus on topics that are determined by the Executive Committee.

    D. Reporting to the District

    Written agendas and minutes from the building based SEPAC meetings should be shared with the Assistant Superintendent for Equity, Inclusion, Intervention, and Inspiration after each meeting. She will then share with the SEPAC Executive Committee annually.  At least once a year, the SEPAC Executive Committee, in conjunction with the District administration, will provide an overview of the work of the committee and provide input to the District on issues critical to special education, at a scheduled meeting of the Board of Education. At the first Executive Committee meeting each year, the voting members will determine which two representatives who with the administration will co-present the work of SEPAC at the annually scheduled meeting with the Board of Education.

    VI.  Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised

    Shall govern all meetings in all cases in which they are applicable, and in which they are not in conflict with these bylaws.

    VII.  Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    SEPAC will work to ensure that membership reflects the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of our community.  

    If you have a concern with the delivery of services that is systemic or general in nature you should contact your SEPAC representative. Each SEPAC representatives’ email address is available on this website. You may also receive this information from the main office of each school or in the case of parents with out-of-district students, the information can be received by calling the Office of Student Services at 973.535.8000 x 8032. If you have a concern that would only affect your child, please contact the child study team at your school or the principal of your school.