About Communications

  • Mrs. Michelle Bent
    Manager of Communications
    973-535-8000, ext. 8036

    Livingston Public Schools' Office of Communications develops and coordinates the district’s efforts to provide open, effective communication between the district and community members, parents, and students. The department manages media inquiries, district publications, external communications, the district website, and district social media.

    LPS is committed to building strong relationships with students, families, and the community, and as such, we strive to provide accurate and timely information to our stakeholders.

    Communication tools for parents include the Blackboard Mass Notification System, the LPS website (www.livingston.org), Spotlight (our district newsletter), Facebook & Twitter (@LivSchools), Around the Block (the Superintendent of Schools' television program), and various promotional videos that highlight our students and staff. Stay connected with LPS by exploring our communications tools below!

    If you are not an LPS parent and wish to receive district communications, please reach out to tmclaughlin@livingston.org

Stay Connected With LPS

      Mass Notifications

      • Mass Notification

        There are times when the district may need to use its automated alert system to contact parents/guardians. The Blackboard Connect system is used most often for weather-related messages, however, when deemed necessary by the Superintendent of Schools, you will receive a phone call, text message, an email or all three, with important information.

        It is vital that you log into your Genesis Parent Portal account and under "CONTACTS" be sure that you have verified the email addresses and phone numbers listed for each child attending the Livingston Public Schools. Please note that duplicate numbers and email addresses will be contacted only once. 

        If you are not receiving these communications, please email tmclaughlin@livingston.org

        Weather-Related School Closing & Other Emergency Notification Information

        • Alerts will be posted on the district website as a pop-up alert
        • Information will be posted to district Facebook & Twitter
        • Information will be relayed to local newspaper, radio stations, and television stations
        • A phone call and text message will be delivered to all phone numbers on file for all students (Please be aware that text messages that are sent from LPS will be sent from short code 60680 for non-emergency messages, and 54968 or 60680 for emergency messages. This is to ensure timely delivery based on code traffic. We wanted to remind everyone so that LPS community members do not inadvertently block or unsubscribe from future school messages!)
        • An email will be delivered to all email addresses on file for all students
        • Please be sure we have your current information on file. You can update your contact information by logging into the Genesis Parent Portal.

        School Lockdowns

        • Alerts WILL NOT be posted on the district website nor on the district social media sites.
        • Information will be sent directly to parents of the affected school via email and text. 
        • Please be sure we have your current information on file. You can update your contact information by logging into the Genesis Parent Portal.
        • Learn More: School Lockdown Safety Tips for Parents

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