Academic Gifted & Talented/Enrichment

  • GT The Livingston Academic Gifted and Talented program recognizes the needs of students who possess and demonstrate significantly high levels of ability. The Academic GT program supports the identified population with a continuum of services. Differentiated instruction in classrooms allows students to work to their potential. Gifted education opens windows of opportunity for students to enhance their potential through collaboration, innovation, and problem solving. Students are challenged to engage in inquiry, take intellectual risks, exercise critical thinking, and reflect upon and develop their individual talents. 

    In the Livingston Public Schools, we believe all students benefit from higher level thinking and inquiry. Differentiated instruction addresses the needs of all students within their classrooms. The Schoolwide Enrichment Program provides challenging opportunities that focus on STEAM/Innovation.                                                                                                                          
    Our teachers and students are active in the Essex County Committee for Gifted and Talented Education and the NJ Association for Gifted Children.

    We follow the guidelines set forth by the Strengthening Gifted and Talented Education Act NJ SGTA and are proud to be represented on the state committee.

    Strengthening Gifted and Talented Education Act NJ SGTA*       *Noncompliance information and process
    For questions, comments, complaints or concerns, the procedure is as follows: Reach out to the school's GT Teacher first, then GT Supervisor, then BOE, then Commissioner of Education as outlined in NJ SGTA/District Policy 2464 and 9130

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    Jacqueline Kestler
    Collins/Hillside Elementary Schools
    973-535-8000, x8738
    Erin Carabello
    Mt. Pleasant Middle School
    973-535-8000, x3011
    Karin Pinto
    Heritage Middle School
    973-535-8000, x7355

    Diana Yellen
    Harrison/Riker Hill Elementary Schools
    973-535-8000, x8733

    Christine Zambrio
    Mt. Pleasant/Burnet Hill Elementary Schools
    973-535-8000, x8803

    Dr. Dorian Gemellaro