GT Music

  • music   The Livingston School District offers a Gifted and Talented Program for Music at the elementary school level for grades four and five.  The Elementary Gifted and Talented Music Program is designed to give students the opportunity to participate in compositional and improvisational experiences in music.

    Students who apply for this program must undergo a rigorous and highly selective screening process.  Students who are selected to this program are expected to keep up with their regular schoolwork, in addition to completing assignments and projects that are a part of this program.

    Students who are identified as being gifted in music typically exhibit several or all of the following characteristics: 

    1.       The student demonstrates a strong interest in music.
    2.       The student creates original rhythmic and/or melodic patterns.
    3.       The student creates original songs and lyrics.
    4.       The student expresses feelings and emotions through music.
    5.       The student is persistent in new learning about music.
    6.       The student is reflective and self-aware.

    GT Music Identification

    The selection process for the Gifted and Talented Music Program will require students to take a musical aptitude test and be evaluated by their Music Teacher. In addition, students will be evaluated by his or her Music Teacher using a musical behavior index. The in-person test will take place after school, once we physically return to school and an email will be sent with the date and time for the test.

    Applications are available in the Spring annually for the following year.

    Please understand that the GT Music program is highly selective, and the results of the selection process are final. Any students who are already a part of the GT Music Program do not need to reapply.