New Student Remote Registration

  • If you are registering a student who has previously attended a Livingston public school and/or is currently attending a
    Livingston Public School Pre-School Program, please contact Amy Ennis.

    Only a parent/legal guardian residing in Livingston may register a new student for Livingston Public Schools. Proof of residency requirements and other special circumstances may be found in this section.

    In order to complete and finalize your child's registration, all information and documents must be uploaded to your pre-Registration account. You will be able to create a pre-registration user account (not to be confused with an existing Genesis Parent Access portal account) in order to upload these documents as they become available. However, you will be required to upload your child's birth certificate, proof of address and parent/guardian photo ID in order to schedule an appointment and create a pre-registration account. *Please see full list of required documents below.

    Please make sure all required documents have been uploaded and print the pre-registration confirmation page before logging out of the ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION website. REMOTE appointments can be made upon completion of required documents. If all documents are not uploaded to your pre-registration account and you have made a REMOTE appointment, your REMOTE appointment may be cancelled and will need to be rescheduled by the registrar. Incomplete and missing forms may delay finalizing your pre-registration.

    Prior to beginning the online pre-registration process, you should have all necessary documentation, as listed below, ready to be uploaded:


    If you are unable to upload your documents, please contact Amy Ennis at  



    For more information please, contact Amy Ennis at