Library/Media Center Department

    Livingston Public Schools employ a certificated Library Media Specialist for each of our elementary and middle schools, and two at LHS to instruct and assist students and support teachers in all areas of the curriculum.

    Please feel free to contact your school Library Media Specialist with questions or concerns you might have.
    Mission Statement
    Aware of the power of information as well as our integral role as information specialists, our mission as library media specialists is to provide authentic student learning experiences centered on both literature (reading) and inquiry (research). We are charged with empowering students to become life-long readers, critical thinkers, and effective users of ideas and information by offering instruction in 21st century skills. We collaborate with colleagues to ensure that lessons encompass all curriculum areas, and manage the acquisition, administration and application of quality resources, both print and electronic, serving as educational leaders in our school communities. 
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    Burnet Hill Elementary School
    Collins Elementary School
    Harrison Elementary School
    Hillside Elementary School
    Mt. Pleasant Elementary School
    Riker Hill Elementary School
    Mt. Pleasant Middle School
    Heritage Middle School
    Livingston High School