Library/Media Specialists

    Livingston Public Schools are fortunate to have a School Library Media Specialist (two at LHS) in each one of its school media centers. Each one is a certified teaching professional with an advanced degree. Please feel free to visit their individual websites for further information.

    Ms. Shea Williams
    Burnet Hill Elementary School
    973-535-8000, x7217
    Mrs. Sheila Stafford
    Collins Elementary School 
    973-535-8000, x2936
    Mrs. Coleen Caulfield
    Harrison Elementary School 
    973-535-8000, x7354
    Mrs. Colleen Donnelly
    Hillside Elementary School 
    973-535-8000, x7743
    Mrs. Suzanne Finan
    Mt. Pleasant Elementary School 
    973-535-8000, x8039
    Ms. Christy Caruso
    Riker Hill Elementary School 
    973-535-8000, x7205
    Ms. Jessica Sental
    Mt. Pleasant Middle School   
    973-535-8000, x8083
    Mrs. Susan Tannler
    Heritage Middle School  
    973-535-8000, x8127
    Mrs. Mary Ann Dellosa
    Livingston High School 
    973-535-8000, x8209
    "Librarians are just like search engines, except they smile and they talk to me and they don’t give me paid-for advertising when they are trying to help. And they have actual hearts." 

    ~Matt Haig, author, 2013