The Role of the School Library/Media Specialist

    School Librarians are integral members of their school’s educational team.
    library girl
    As teachers, we:
    • Foster a love of reading. 
    • Instruct, guide and support all students from K – 12 throughout their academic careers to produce literate and informed learners who can thrive in a digital, knowledge-based world.
    • Infuse district, state and national curricula, information literacy and technology standards
    As instructional partners, we:
    • Collaborate with teachers in our building, across all grade levels and all subject disciplines throughout the educational process.
    • Demonstrate best practices in information literacy skill instruction and the utilization of resources for the maximum benefit of all school players.
    • Impact and support every content area on every grade level through primary (direct instruction, targeted information & research & skills development) and secondary avenues (indirect support, research support & collection development).
    • Serve as leaders in inquiry-based learning.
    • Are active participants in curriculum writing & school improvement projects and on planning committees.
    As information specialists, we:
    • Provide expertise in the acquisition and evaluation of resources in all formats for both students and staff. 
    • Provide a diverse, balanced and high-quality collection of learning resources representing all points of view, formats and range of complexity. 
    • Provide professional development in the areas of instruction, education and technology.
    • Provide daily tech support for students, teachers and administrators.
    As program administrators, we:
    • Guide and direct all activities related to the library/media program.
    • Develop, manage and maintain a library collection, a library facility, a computer laboratory, a budget and equipment.
    • Supervise, organize and train community volunteers in the library media center.