GT Art

  • artsupplies The Livingston School District offers a Gifted and Talented Program for Art at the elementary school level for grades four and five and at the middle school level in grades six through eight. The Gifted and Talented Art Program is designed to give students who qualify for admission the opportunity to further develop their creative abilities and artistic skills.

    Students who apply for this program must undergo a rigorous and highly selective screening process. Students who are selected for this program are expected to keep up with their regular schoolwork, in addition to completing assignments and projects that are a part of this program. There will be weekly homework assignments.

    Students who are identified as being gifted in the Visual Arts typically exhibit several or all of the following characteristics:

    1.     The student exhibits superior ability in expressing ideas visually and can create
            artworks in drawing and a variety of mediums.

    2.     The student possesses a high curiosity level and active imagination.
    3.     The student seeks challenging experiences and is goal-oriented with high personal
    4.     The student is capable of original thinking and develops unique, unconventional 
            solutions to artistic problems.
    5.     The student responds with ease and enthusiasm to creating artwork.

    GT Art Identification

    The selection process for the Gifted and Talented Art Program will require students to create one original drawing to submit with his or her application and be evaluated by their art teacher. The original work must be from direct observation as per the instructions in the application. Drawings must be created by the student applying. Drawings created in school, created under the assistance of a private art teacher, or created in a private art class will not be accepted. This portion of the application will be submitted electronically. The in-class evaluation includes a creativity assessment and an observational drawing to be assessed and scored by an Art Teacher once we physically return to school. In-person test: this test will be given before school (7:15am) and will be proctored by an Art Teacher. All materials will be provided by the school. 

    Elementary GT Art: Applications are available in the Spring annually for the following year. Information regarding the middle school application process is communicatedeach Spring. 

    Middle School GT Art: Applications are available in September annually for the current school year. Applications ware due annually in September. Information regarding the middle school application process will be communicated in the beginning of the school year. 

    Please understand that both the GT Art programs is highly selective, and the results of the selection process are final. Any students who are already a part of the GT Art Program do not need to reapply.