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    Kindergarten Pre-Registration will open on Tuesday, January 21, 2020. Please note that you need to complete the entire kindergarten registration process by May 15th in order to be notified of your child’s school placement by June 1st. This includes families with older siblings already attending a school within the District.
    Click here for details on the three-step pre-registration process.

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  • January 8, 2020

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 1/8/2020

    Dear Parents and Guardians, 

    Happy New Year! 

    Just a few quick reminders regarding school routines and procedures. 

    We have had unusually warm weather thus we have been able to get outside and play. Please remember to send your children to school dressed for winter and label their clothing. Our Lost and Found is filled to capacity! We try to match items to their owners but it is difficult without names. 

    School starts at 8:05. Please make every attempt to be here by 8:00. This allows your child to have a smooth and pleasant beginning to their school day. 

    Driving during the winter can be stressful. Please remember to follow all traffic and parking rules so as not to add to the overall confusion. Together we can keep our students safe on school property and in the surrounding neighborhoods. 

    We will be celebrating Dr. King's birthday by continuing our kindness mission. The children will be participating in Mix It Up Day on Friday, January 17th. This annual program has children mix it up at lunch by sitting at randomly assigned tables with different grade level peers. It's a fun way to practice social skills, converse with someone new and perhaps begin a new friendship! This year we will also be adding a new piece (shhh. It’s a surprise)  to our tradition!  More news to follow! 

    Student Council has added a home piece to the district MLK January collection. We are asking that the children complete one task at home to earn the few dollars that their family spends on the school supply drive. We are focusing on small ACTS of kindness such as helping out at home and school. The drive will take place from now until January 17th. (Click here for the flyer).

    Please join us for our January PTA meeting on January 14th at 7:00 PM. Hear about upcoming school events and opportunities from myself, the PTA Board and committee members.


    Upcoming January Dates:

    Jan 10 - Kidz Klub

    Jan 11 – Talent Show Previews, Old Gym

    Jan 14 – 4th Grade Leaders

    Jan 14 - PTA Meeting

    Jan 16   Hero Groups

    Jan 17 – Judy Moody Assembly, Grades 1-5

    Jan 17   Mix It Up Day!

    Jan 17   Kidz Klub

    Jan 20   No School – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    Jan 21 - 2 Hour Delay for Students

    Jan 21 - 3rd Grade Leaders

    Jan 23 - 2nd Grade Leaders

    Jan 23 - 5th Grade Activity Night

    Jan 24 - Kidz Klub

    Jan 27-31  “Souper” Bowl Drive

    Jan 28 – Winter Concert Rehearsal

    Jan 28 - Winter Concert, MPMS

    Jan 28 - 1st Grade Leaders

    Jan 29 - Winter Concert Snow Date if needed

    Jan 31 - Kidz Klub  


    Upcoming February Dates:    

    Feb  4 - 5th Leaders

    Feb  5 - Family Arts Night

    Feb  6 - 4th Leaders

    Feb  7 - Talent Show Rehearsal

    Feb  9 - Talent Show

    Feb 11 - 3rd Grade Leaders

    Feb 11 – SEPAC Meeting

    Feb 11 -  PTA Meeting

    Feb 12 - Hero Groups

    Feb 13 - District Chorus Day

    Feb 14 - Valentine’s Party-YOGA

    Feb 14 - Kidz Klub

    Feb 15-23  SCHOOL CLOSED

    Feb 25 - 2nd Leaders

    Feb 26 - District Chorus Snow Date if needed

    Feb 27 - 1st  Leaders

    Feb 28 - Kidz Klub Snow Date if needed


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  • December 20, 2019

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 12/20/2019

    Dear Parents and Guardians, 

    We have had a wonderful few days! Thank you for sharing your children with us for these final days of 2019! While continuing our academic mission we also spent these last weeks focusing on being flexible and kind during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Enjoying each other's celebrations and traditions is an everyday event when you are part of our Harrison Family! 
    Please go to our school website to view our New Year's Party and Gingerbread Gallery!
    Enjoy this precious time with your children and we will see you on January 2, 2020! 
    We wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!
    Mrs. Healy 
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  • October 25, 2019

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 10/25/2019

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    We have several exciting activities planned over the next few weeks! Here are a few reminders and attachments.

    Next Week

    Monday, October 28th “Peace Out to Drugs” – Wear your neon, tie-dye and peace sign apparel.

    Tuesday, October 29th “Team Up Against Drugs” – Wear your favorite sports team or school spirit apparel.

    Wednesday, October 30th  National Red Ribbon Day “Show You Are Red-dy To Take a Stand Against Drugs”- Wear red. We are taking our school aerial picture. PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD WEAR RED.

    Thursday, October 31st “Say BOO to Drugs!” Halloween Costumes (in the afternoon)

    October 29th

    We are selling very cute Harrison 90th Birthday T-shirts to raise money for our playground. Please consider purchasing the T-shirt. Click here for a form.  Orders are due by next TUESDAY October 29th !

    October 31st

    Halloween Parade will take place at 1:00 PM on the middle and lower blacktops. Please don’t forget to let your classroom teacher know if your child is going home for lunch on Halloween.

    November 4th, 5th, 6th - 12:15 Dismissal Days

    Parent /Teacher Conferences 

    November 7th and 8th

    No School

    November 12th

    Harrison’s 90th Birthday Party and PTA meeting, 6:30 -8:30. Please see invitation here. We are very excited! Please plan on attending.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


    Mrs. Healy

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  • October 18, 2019

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 10/18/2019

    This year we will be celebrating Harrison School’s 90th Birthday as part of our Birthday Book Club event on November 12th!  We will have a few special activities for our students along with Readers’ Theatre and of course birthday cake! More information will follow soon! Until then, consider donating a book (inscribed with your child's name).  Click here for an order form.

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  • October 16, 2019

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 10/16/2019

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    We are continuing to focus upon kindness and how to build relationships as part of our October discussions. We have reviewed that simple acts of kindness often have the greatest impact:

     Including others.
    Connecting by saying hello or smiling.
    Using supportive statements when someone is struggling or unsure how to proceed.

    Being patient with others or a situation. (Waiting in line.)
    Cleaning up after oneself.
    Using good manners.
    Sharing items, space or attention.
    Apologizing when you upset or hurt someone.

    We would like you to review these concepts with your children as part of our greater community outreach. In particular, this week we would like you to focus on saying hello or greeting people. This seems to be more difficult for our student body than it has been in the past. Perhaps the nature of our fast-paced world where so often our adult models are on their cellphones as they walk or eat dinner plays a small role in this issue. The Sandy Hook Promise Foundation has this to say about a simple hello:

    “……Start with Hello teaches students to make a difference with their peers in a simple, fun, and impactful way. They take small but powerful actions to promote connectedness and inclusion, and to identify and help lonely students who are showing signs of social isolation.”

    Family Assignment

    •  As a family discuss the importance of kindness and a simple gesture such as a smile or saying “Hello.”
    • Review various ways we can greet others. If you speak another language please share greetings in that language.
    • The student should choose one greeting. (Any language which is familiar to your child.)
    • Your child should design a greeting card using whatever materials you wish. Make sure your “Hello”, “Ciao” or “Aloha” is easy to read. Have fun with this!
    • Be creative –think of the child who will receive your card.
    • Your child should bring his or her card to school on or before Monday, October 22nd.
    • We will share cards in homeroom.
    • Later your child will present a card to another child in the building.
    • This is designed to be a thoughtful activity and should reflect your child’s best effort.

    We appreciate your efforts to support our shared educational mission!


    Mrs. Healy

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  • October 7, 2019

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 10/7/2019

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    October brings many opportunities to foster our students’ social and emotional learning. This year, we will be focusing on the term flexibility!  We introduced this flexibility theme at our annual pep rally which was held on September 27th.  The teachers and student volunteers utilized short skits and songs to demonstrate that the ability to think flexibly can help students navigate social situations, participate effectively in groups, solve problems, and cope with change. The children had a great time as they strengthened their understanding of this SEL concept. Flexible thinking will certainly support the children as they grow into kind, confident and resilient young adults!

    Harrison has a variety of community building activities planned to support October’s Week of Respect, School Violence Awareness Week and Red Ribbon Week. These weeks are designated to celebrate and reinforce SEL concepts such as respect, kindness, and conflict resolution, as well as the development of healthy habits.  Below is a list of the Character Education activities which will take place this month! Please visit our Harrison School website or follow us on Twitter HarrisonHawks90 to see photos from the various events.

    WEEK OF RESPECT October 7th - 11th, October 15th -18th

    • Feathers for Peacock

    The children listened to our 5th grade students read Feathers for Peacock by Jacqueline Jules during our first Hero Group session. This book tells the story of how the kindness of others resulted in the peacock’s beautiful feathers. Students will create a beautiful peacock and reflect upon the SEL vocabulary/concepts included within the story. These include terms such as community, empathy and compassion.

    • Color A Smile

    The children will Color a Smile to cheer up members of our community.

    • Start With Hello

    Families will work together to share how they say “hello” in their family.

    • Classroom Lessons

    Teachers will create classroom-based lessons and lead their students in discussions regarding self-awareness, social awareness, and responsible decision-making.     



    • LPD Visit

    The Livingston Police Department’s community officers will visit each grade level during School Violence Awareness Week. They will lead age appropriate discussions regarding digital citizenship, cyberbullying and internet/cellphone safety. They will also support our school’s kindness initiative by providing examples of how we can work together to create a positive, respectful, and sensitive community. Be the I in KIND will be the theme of the week!

    • Chalk Day

    Community building continues as every class works together to create their own beautiful peacock adorned with respectful words which will be this year’s kindness symbol.

    RED RIBBON WEEK October 28th – 30th

    • Healthy Habits

    We will reinforce that we need to be kind to our bodies by developing healthy habits. These include getting plenty of sleep and physical activity as well as fruits and vegetables.  Since we often discuss how these positive habits keep our bodies and brains healthy, we will bring the message full circle by this week’s theme -Let’s grow our brains, not hurt our brains. Don’t do drugs! Each child will create a “brain” identifying the positive steps or actions they will take to grow their brain.

    • Red Ribbon Days 

    Monday, October 28th-Peace Out to Drugs

           Wear your neon, tie-dye and peace sign apparel.

    Tuesday, October 29th - Team Up to Drugs

           Wear your favorite sports team or school spirit apparel.

    Wednesday, October 30th -Show You Are Red-dy To Take a Stand Against Drugs

          Wear red. We will take our aerial school photo if the weather permits.

          We are hoping for 100% participation.

    • October Outreach Projects

         Please support our drives. More information will follow.

              Socktober  Donate new socks for Essex County Shelters.

             UNICEF   Help children across the globe. 

    It was wonderful seeing all of you at Back to School night! We are off to a great start! A few reminders regarding school procedures:  

    • School begins at 8:05. Attendance is taken in the classroom by 8:10. Please make every effort to be here before the 8:05 bell. The drop-off line is long; however if you arrive before 7:50 you will not have an issue. Children are considered late if they are not in the building by 8:05.


    • School Dismissal begins at 2:40. If you have an emergency dismissal change please call the office by 2:00. Whenever possible please handle afterschool planning before your child comes to school. We have many moving parts as we dismiss the children and need to avoid last minute changes whenever possible. 

    It will be a busy and exciting month. There are several opportunities for you to be involved this month. Be on the lookout for blasts from the PTA regarding the next PTA meeting, Book Fair Preview Night and Game Night. Additionally, more information will to follow from my office regarding Halloween procedures.

     Have a great day!

    Warmly, Mrs. Healy

    Upcoming Dates:

    Oct 7-11 Week of Respect
    Oct  8 - 5th Grade Leaders
    Oct  9 - No School Yom Kippur
    Oct 10 - Game Night
    Oct 11 – Livingston Fire Department visit, K-2
    Oct 14 - Professional Day - No School for Students
    Oct 15 - 4th Grade Leaders
    Oct 18 – 1st Grade Trip 
    Oct 21-25 School Violence Awareness Week
    Oct 22 – Police Visits K-5 Digital Citizenship
    Oct 22 - 3rd Grade Leaders
    Oct 22 - PTA Meeting-Book Fair Preview
    Oct 22-24 PTA Book Fair
    Oct 24 - Author Visit
    Oct 24 - 2nd Grade leadersOct 25 – Chalk Day
    Oct 28-Nov 1  Red Ribbon Week
    Oct 29 - 1st Grade Leaders
    Oct 30 – Kindergarten Trip
    Oct 31 - Halloween Parade

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  • September 24, 2019

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 9/24/2019

    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    We had a wonderful Back to School Picnic on Thursday! If you were not able to make it –don’t worry! We have an End of the Year Picnic in June! That event has a few more bells and whistles for the children while bringing the school community together for one last time before summer! A special thank you to our PTA for hosting this first big event!

    We will begin fundraising for our playground renovations this year. PLEASE assist us in this endeavor since our grounds are enjoyed by all!

    We are collecting used sneakers. Gently used ones will be donated and those that have been worn-thru will be recycled! Please send in any pairs you have! This is a wonderful opportunity to support our fifth grade while modeling kindness for your children! See our flyer here.

    We will have our first Pep Rally on Friday. Please have your children wear Harrison colors (blue and yellow) or Harrison gear. We will also be starting our walking initiative so we ask that all children wear sneakers! We will film the event for your viewing pleasure!

    Our Back to School Night will take place on October 3rd! Please see the schedule here. This event is for guardians and parents only.

    Enjoy your week!

    Please visit us on Twitter. HarrisonHawks90.

    Upcoming dates:

    Sept 27 – Pep Rally, 1:45               
    Sept 30 –Oct 1   No School Rosh Hashanah
    Oct  3 - Back to School Night
    Oct  4 - Hero Groups
    Oct  4 – World Smile Day J
    Oct  8 - 5th Grade Leaders
    Oct  9 - No School Yom Kippur
    Oct 14 – No School - Professional Day for Staff
    Oct 15 - 4th Grade Leaders
    Oct 15 - Game Night
    Oct 22 - 3rd Grade Leaders
    Oct 22 - PTA Meeting-Book Fair Preview
    Oct 22-24 PTA Book Fair
    Oct 24 - Author Visit
    Oct 24 - 2nd Grade leaders
    Oct 29 - 1st Grade Leaders
    Oct 31 - Halloween Parade, 1:00 PM

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  • September 13, 2019

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 9/13/2019

    Dear Parents,

    We have been involved with Crayola Create Ed project for the last year. It is a teacher professional development program aimed at increasing the use of the arts and multi-literacies to build student insight and creativity. It is directly tied to our building based STEAM initiative. We have had great results and the staff has embraced the training and methods! I am very proud of their hard work and enthusiasm.

    I am so pleased to announce that we are finalists for a school grant through this program. This grant will help fund additional opportunities for the teachers to bring exciting educational experiences to their classroom and for us to add a family arts night to our repertoire.

    We must have parent permission for our students to be photographed if we should win before we enter the next phase.  We are sending home the slips today-please send back the slips on Monday.

    I truly appreciate your help in this area!

    Thank you in advance. 

    We are celebrating our 90th birthday this year! Please save the date -Harrison’s 90th Birthday Party will take place on November 12th ! We will have activities for the students as well as a parent presentation! More info to follow.

    Also please follow us on Twitter!


    Don’t forget we have two Muffins and More meetings scheduled for next week on Sept 17th!

    One in the morning at 10:00 and another at 6:00 before our PTA meeting. We hope this accommodates our communities’ varying family schedules! Please RSVP to Mrs. Fernandez at pfernandez@livingston.org or 973-535-8000, ext. 8111.


    Mrs. Healy 

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  • September 9, 2019

    Posted by Cynthia Healy on 9/9/2019

    Dear Parents and Guardians,
    We had a fantastic first few days of school! Our hallways are once again filled with little voices laughing and singing !

    Today we had our first mandated monthly security drill! Officer Mullaney from the Livingston Police Department joined us and everything went smoothly. The children were in lockdown for less than five minutes and easily transitioned back to their classroom activities.

    September will be a very busy month for both our students and their families. Please see the list of important dates at the end of this message. Please note that our first Muffins and More Meeting with take place on September 17, 2019 in our Media Center.  There will be one meeting during the school day from 10:00 AM – 11:00  AM and one before the PTA meeting from 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM in order to meet the varying needs of our parent community. These meetings are for parents/guardians only. The sessions are informal, open conversations with me regarding procedures and life at Harrison! We do ask that parents RSVP to Mrs. Fernandez at pfernandez@livingston.org or 973-535-8000, ext. 8111 if they will be attending the daytime session. Please be on the look-out for more information.


    Mrs. Healy

    September Dates:

    Sept 17 – Muffins and More
    Sept 17 – PTA Meeting
    Sept 19 – Family Picnic
    Sept 26 - Picnic Raindate
    Sept 27 – Pep Rally         
    Sept 30 –Oct 1   No School Rosh Hashanah

    October Dates:

    Oct  1 – No School Rosh Hashanah
    Oct  3 - Back to School Night
    Oct  4 - Hero Groups
    Oct  4 – World Smile Day 
    Oct  8 - 5th Grade Leaders
    Oct  9 - No School Yom Kippur
    Oct 10 - SEPAC Meeting, 7:00
    Oct 14 - Professional Day No Students
    Oct 15 - 4th Grade Leaders
    Oct 15 - Game Night
    Oct 22 - 3rd Grade Leaders
    Oct 22 - PTA Meeting-Book Fair Preview
    Oct 23-24 PTA Book Fair
    Oct 24 - Author Visit
    Oct 24 - 2nd Grade leaders
    Oct 29 - 1st Grade Leaders
    Oct 31 - Halloween Parade, 1:00 PM


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  • September 3, 2019

    Posted by Coleen Caulfield on 9/4/2019

    Dear Parents and Guardians,

    As we embark on another school year, our excitement is growing as both students and staff look forward to this new beginning. Each grade level provides unique opportunities for our children to learn, create, contribute and grow. The first week will be filled with new materials, new friendships and new routines!

    The district will continue to follow a Six Day Rotation Schedule. Homeroom teachers will send home their specific special schedules on the first day of school.  To assist you with planning, we will also post the schedules on our website. Please note that our first day of school (September 4th) is Day 1 of the rotation. 

    School begins promptly at 8:05 AM and ends at 2:40 PM.  Please be cognizant of the length of our drop-off line and plan to arrive early. Please do not arrive before 7:35. Parking is at a premium so many parents find it easier to walk in or use the drop-off line.

    • We will line-up outside for the first week. This will allow families time and space for that last picture, kiss or hug.
    •  Kindergarten and fifth grade students will line up on the blacktop nearest the Media Center.
    • First, second, third and fourth grade classes will line up on the middle blacktop.
    • Class lines will be identified by signs with each homeroom teacher’s name.
    • If the weather does not cooperate we will send a detailed email regarding rainy day procedures.

    Aramark will continue to be our lunch program provider. During homeroom each day, the children will order lunch. Parents will be able to pay through an online account or by sending the exact amount in an envelope to school each day. We are hoping that many parents choose to use the online program as it will be easier for the children. We will send and post a September menu along with directions on how to use the online option. As in the past, students are always welcome to bring lunch from home.

    There is much to be joyful about this year, beginning with some exciting additions to our outstanding staff.  Please join me in extending a warm welcome to the following professionals:

    Third Grade Teacher - Julie Becker

    Third Grade Teacher - Sara Calabrese

    Fourth Grade Teacher - Lauren Daugherty

    School Psychologist - Alexis Finley

    Behaviorist - Hazel Fraiter

    Gifted and Talented Teacher – Kelley Miller

    I look forward to introducing our entire faculty to you at our Back to School Night, which will be held on October 3, 2019.   

    We have attached the following information to ensure a smooth transition to the 2019-2020 school year.

    School Dismissal Form -- Please fill out the attached form and send it to school with your child on the first day. We find that this added form helps with dismissal during the first busy days of a new year.

    2019-2020 Academic Calendar -- Please note that this year's calendar includes delayed opening for students on January 21, 2020 and March 10, 2020 for professional development. 

    6 Day Rotation Calendar -- Please remember to complete the acknowledgement form on Genesis when you go into the portal.

    Also attached (see below) are the following:

    • Free & Reduced Lunch Application and Instructions
    • Student Voluntary Insurance
    • Aramark Parent Letter /Lunch Information
    • Harrison Celebrations Information  

    Please don't hesitate to call if you have any questions. 

    We look forward to a wonderful year!

    Mrs. Healy

    Click on the links below for additional information/needed forms:


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