School-Based Equity Team Information

LPS Equity Team FAQs

  • What are the LPS Equity Teams?

  • What are the goals of the Equity Teams?

  • Who are the members of the Equity Team at my child's school and how can I get involved?

  • What are the "100%s"?

  • What were some accomplishments of the Equity Team during the 2021-2022 school year?

LPS District Equity Goal & Presentation

  • Livingston Public Schools’ Equity Goal seeks to improve the culture and community with LPS by enhancing inclusiveness, cultural awareness, anti-racism, and acceptance of individual differences through mandated curricular programming, extracurricular programming, and district operations.

    Click on the image below to view the "Equity in Livingston Public Schools" presentation.

    equity team logo

    Click on the image below to view the "LPS - Equity and Inclusion" presentation.