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    Livingston Public Schools’ Equity Goal seeks to improve the culture and community with LPS by enhancing inclusiveness, cultural awareness, anti-racism, and acceptance of individual differences through mandated curricular programming, extracurricular programming, and district operations.

Collins Equity Team FAQs

Collins Equity Team Members

Name Email Address
Susan Carter scarter@livingston.org
Michelle Cebula mcebula@livingston.org
Greer Gelman ggelman@livingston.org
Jacqueline Gronek jgronek@livingston.org
Margaret Mitchell mmitchell@livingston.org
Meredith Pannia mpannia@livingston.org
Angela Selnick aselnick@livingston.org
Sheila Stafford SStafford@livingston.org
Jennifer Vernotica jvernotica@livingston.org
Holly Prince hollyaprince@gmail.com
Bhoomi Shah shahbhoomik@gmail.com
Khyati Chhadwa khyatichhadwa@gmail.com
Sakshi Gupta gsakshi1802@gmail.com
Meghan Lembeck meghan.lembeck@gmail.com
Adetoknubo Daini adaini@gmail.com
Purba Ganguly purbaganguly@yahoo.com
Candy Ricci riccicandy@yahoo.com
Marlena Baird mbaird@livingston.org
Stephanie Crosby scrosby@livingston.org
Kelly Feeney kfeeney@livingston.org
Brynn Mighenelli bmighenelli@livingston.org

Upcoming Meeting Dates

  • Visit our table at Multicultural night on May 18th. We will invite families to "Join the Conversation."