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     Mrs. Ashley Messer CSN, BSN, RN


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    Hello Friends and Families!

    My name is Mrs. Messer and I am very excited about joining the Collins School Dream Team as your School Nurse! I am the type of nurse who may ask your child to play “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” or ask about his/her favorite vacation as part of/or during my assessment. I am a firm believer in there is much more to healing and nursing then simply putting on a Band-Aid when someone is in hurting. Promoting positivity, fostering high self-esteem and creating a warm welcoming environment has its place in optimal health and wellness.

     As a parent myself, I fully understand the “dreaded nurse phone call” but please keep in mind a call from me could mean many things. For instance, ketchup or mustard somehow founds its way all over your child’s white shirt or “I accidentally jumped in a mud puddle” and if your child wants or needs a change of clothes I would reach out. Additionally, I may look to touch base or drop a line if your child comes to see me and is “just not feeling themselves today” as more of a courtesy call to keep you in the loop.

    Your child’s safety, comfort and wellness is my priority. I love being a school nurse and doing what I do. My previous experience in nursing includes Pediatric & Adult Emergency Nursing, Public Health Nursing as well as School Nursing. As your school nurse one of the many fun things we will be doing this coming school year will be checking the height, weight, hearing, and vision of students. So, at some point in the year I will get to meet your child for one of these screenings.

    I believe in keeping an open line of communication and have an open-door policy. Please feel free to contact me with any health, wellness, safety and/or any other questions or concerns you may have at amesser@livingston.org. I love smiles and they are contagious, so let’s have a year filled with them! I look forward to getting to know all of you and creating fond memories filled with laughter and wellness!



    Mrs. Messer

    "A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world." ~Leo Buscaglia