Facts About Collins School

    FAST FUN FACTS:                                                     
    • 474 students in grades K-5. 
    • Founded in 1957.
    • School colors are green and white!
    • Our mascot is a cougar                            
      Also known as Felis Concolor, the cougar is the largest of the small cats (cats that can't roar, but can purr). Its fur is a dark shade of beige. It has a long tail and small ears. It is 3-5 feet long. Its habitats are mountainsides, forests, and grasslands. Each cougar has its own territory and hunts for prey (rodents, hare, deer, and cattle) by itself. Cougars are also called mountain lions. You can find cougars from Southern California to Patagonia.
    In Livingston, we follow the philosophy of implementing developmentally appropriate practices while challenging each child to reach his or her potential and develop appropriate skills and a positive self-image. The staff strives to engage in active learning to motivate and stimulate the natural curiosity of children.

    The K-5 educational program is varied and intellectually challenging. The district provides a multi-subject program aligned with the New Jersey Core Content Standards.

    Integrated reading and language arts enable students to gain the skills necessary for accurate and creative communication. Reading specialists also work with teachers and instruct pupils both in and out of the classroom.

    Problem solving is the focus of the mathematics program in which students use manipulative materials to develop an understanding of concepts and skills that progress from the concrete to the abstract.

    Science is a progressive, sequential, and conceptual program which utilizes a hands-on approach in the earth, physical and life sciences.

    Social studies focuses on the development of concepts, skills, and attitudes inherent in a democratic society. It emphasizes the development of effective thinking skills, decision-making, citizenship and geographic awareness.

    The classroom teacher, working with the support of a computer consultant, also introduces computer skills and computer technology applications in all disciplines.

    The classroom teacher, in conjunction with the school nurse, provides an integrated health education program consisting of chemical health education, family life, social skills and general health topics taught within a decision-making framework.

    A world language teacher provides Spanish instruction in grades kindergarten through 5. Students are introduced to fundamentals of conversation and aspects of Hispanic culture.

    A full-time media specialist provides an integrated library media curriculum that develops a love of reading and teaches a variety of research and study skills. District art specialists teach a program which includes art production, history, aesthetics and criticism. The general music program emphasizes elements of music, singing, movement, composition, improvisation, aesthetics and notation. Finally, twice weekly physical education classes focus on physical fitness and healthy life skills.

    Remedial and enrichment support services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the student population. The district coordinates and supervises remedial and preventive programs, child study team evaluations and social and psychological services. We offer half-time elementary guidance to address the social behavior and developmental needs of our students. Finally, the community provides an extremely active and supportive set of services and a high level of family participation in neighborhood schools.