• Sight Words

    Sight words are an important part of reading and writing for beginning readers. Each week the children are introduced a few words. We practice reading, writing, and spelling this word (we also have a cheer or song to help us spell). On Friday we continue to practice the sight words from the week by writing as rainbow words and putting them in abc order before adding them to the word wall. All words on the classroom word wall are words that the children should be writing "in a snap." These are words the children need to recognize quickly both in isolation and in text (and NOT sounded out). In the beginning of the year many of these words should be familiar from Kindergarten.

    As you are reading together, encourage your child to "spy" and read any sight word he or she knows. You may also want to record these words on a home "word wall" or notebook to assist your child when writing at home.  These words should be consistently spelt correctly.

Last Modified on September 7, 2016