• Six-Step Research Method

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    1. Choose a topic

    2. Narrow the focus

    3. Select Sources

    4. Gather Information

    5. Organize and analyze information

    6. Presentation


    Tips for Doing Research


    To Find Resources:


    Wikipedia is fun, but is not an accepted source for research.  Using “Google” is also discouraged.  Instead:


    Go to the Harrison Website:

    On the gray horizontal bar, scroll over “Departments”.  Click on “Media”.  In the green field on the left, click on “Databases” and use those excellent sources of information.


    Going back to the Media homepage, in the green field, click on “Search Engines”.  These are kid-friendly search engines that will direct students to appropriate websites.


    Taking Notes:


    ·        Read the information from the book or article or website.

    ·        Pick out the important facts.

    ·        Don’t copy. 

    ·        Don’t write sentences.

    ·        Write words and phrases in a bulleted list.



    Example of Taking Notes:


    (article copied from “Worldbook Online”)

    Pitcher, Molly

    Molly Pitcher (1754?-1832) was the nickname of a woman who fought in the Battle of Monmouth in the American Revolution (1775-1783). Her real first name was Mary. Her last name may have been Ludwig.

    Mary was born near Philadelphia. In 1775, her husband joined the revolutionary army and became a soldier who fires cannons. Like many other poor women of the time, Mary traveled with her husband.

    The Battle of Monmouth was fought on June 28, 1778. It was one of the hottest days of summer. According to legend, Mary carried water in a pitcher from a nearby spring to soldiers firing the cannons. During the battle, Mary’s husband fell from a heatstroke. She took his place and helped fire the cannon. Molly Pitcher became a symbol of all women who fought bravely in the war.

    In 1822, Pennsylvania awarded Pitcher $40 a year to honor her military service. She died on Jan. 22, 1832.


    Notes (can be written/typed on index cards or paper):

    ·         Molly Pitcher = nickname.   Real name = Mary Ludwig

    ·         born near Philadelphia

    ·         was poor

    ·         at Battle of Monmouth, Molly carried water to soldiers

    ·         took place of husband

    ·         fired cannon



    Citing Sources

    Every source used in the research must be listed in a bibliography.  There is a format to be followed.  If the hard copy of the sheet is lost, it can be found on the library website (in the green field under “Bibliography”.)