• MATH math
    Practice basic facts up to 24 (use the strategies learned in class).
    • Have children identify coins by looking at both sides. Let them make change from small purchases by counting up the original amount. As we work on determining the fewest coins needed to equal a specific amount, you can practice this at home.
    • We are learning to tell time with an analog and digital clock.  Ask you child what time it is using clocks at home.  Then have them tell you the time in 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours. Don't always start at the hour mark -- ask them about quarter after, half hour and quarter to the hours as well.

    READING reading
    • Children should be reading every night.  Parents can help by asking questions about what they read. Actually have the child go back into the book and find the place that helped them answer the question. They can also make predictions and connections which helps building reading comprehension.
    • After reading, let your child explain the main idea of the story, talk about the characters, determine the problem and solution.  TALK ABOUT THE CHARACTER'S FEELINGS AND WHY THEY FEEL THAT WAY AND HOW IT MAKES THEM ACT!  This helps with deeper thinking skills in reading.

    WRITING journal
    • Encourage your child to write stories or in a journal.
    • Have your child look over his/her writing, no matter what subject he/she is writing in, and to edit and revise their work.  Have them check for upper case letters, correct punctuation, and to circle words they think they may have spelled incorrectly.  They should try to sound them out and attempt to write them again.  Have them think about if there is anything else they could add that would improve their writing.  Children usually have wonderful ideas in their head, but have difficulty writing them with all the details. It is important for them to planning out their writing, thinking about what they want to say before actually starting to write. Above all, find some compliment to give them on their writing.
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