• Use the Word Wall chart to encourage correct spelling of words
    • Use the Alphabet Chart for proper letter formation
    • After writing a sentence, encourage your child to check for the 3 rules for writing a sentence: Start with a capital, spaces between words, and end with a punctuation mark
    • Review your Word Wall words in different ways: Play word wall Bingo, do rainbow words (write your words in 3 different colors), play I Spy, make a word find to share with the class.

    Reading Comprehension
    After reading a fiction book...
    • Retell the story including a clear beginning, middle, and end
    • Identify the story elements- characters, setting, problem and solution
    • Make connections- think of how the book reminds you of something in your life or of another book
    • Compare two characters. They can be from the same book, or from different books. You can even compare a character to yourelf!
    As you are reading a nonfiction book....

    • Write down key words to help you remember the main ideas
    • See if you can recall information by looking at the key words
    • Try to write a summary of the book using the key words to help you
    • Make a list of two new facts you learned
Last Modified on January 27, 2009