May 2, 2021

Posted by Daniel Garcia on 5/2/2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are very excited about our return to a full day on Monday, May 10th. The school day will increase for all of our students and that increased time will be beneficial and exciting for our children. Please know that we are taking every measure to make sure this transition is as safe as possible and we appreciate all your help in making it happen.

Morning Drop Off

The doors will continue to open at 8:00 am. All parents must continue to show their COVID tracker form. Students will be temperature checked before entering the building.


Dismissal for students will be between 2:30 and 2:40 depending on their grade (See staggered dismissal times below). Teachers will exit through their grade level’s dismissal door and wait to hand children directly off to a parent or guardian. Please utilize parking in town as frequently as possible. You can also use the parking lot, but please note that there are limited spots available and you may need to circle around if you can’t find a spot to park and pick up your child. We are utilizing one side of the parking lot to help assist with quick student pick-up. If you are only picking your child up, you may line up on the left side of the parking lot as you are entering, get your child and return immediately to your car. Please be mindful as you are blocking somebody from getting out. If you are planning to spend time with your child on the playground, please do not park in our school parking lot. 

Staggered Dismissal Times (See dismissal doors below)

Kindergarten (Media Door #6) - 2:30 pm

1st Grade (Middle Blacktop Door #9) - 2:35 pm

2nd Grade (Middle Blacktop Door #10) - 2:35 pm

3rd Grade (Middle Blacktop Door  #8) - 2:40 pm

4th Grade (Door #3) - 2:40 pm

5th Grade (Door #2) - 2:40 pm


Please pack your child with ONE snack. Now that we are having lunch it should be something quick and easy to eat. 


Students will eat lunch socially distanced in both indoor and outdoor areas. Please make sure that students are prepared for any weather as we will be utilizing outdoor spaces at every opportunity possible. Please make sure your child continues to bring a towel every day as it will be used for lunch in addition to snack. 

Parents will have the choice to purchase cold lunch options (Bagel, Turkey sandwich, ham and cheese, tuna sandwich, etc.).  All lunches must be preordered by 11:00 pm the night before. Beverages for lunch can only be ordered if the child is purchasing a cold lunch option. District instructions on where and how to order will be provided later this week.

Students who are bringing their lunch will be encouraged to make sure it is simple and, if possible, in a disposable bag with their name on it.


During our recess periods, students will be required to wear masks at all times. Please remember to pack additional masks for your children, as they may need replacements throughout the day. We will be utilizing all our property to distance our students and we will have systems in place for sanitizing any equipment students use between recess periods. We will also make sure students sanitize before and after recess and lunch periods. 

Thank you all for your continued efforts to make our pivots successful at Harrison School. Please continue to take all precautions. As a community, if we work together, we will finish this year strong and have a blueprint to support our efforts for the future.


Warm regards,

Mr. Daniel Garcia