May 6, 2021

Posted by Daniel Garcia on 5/6/2021

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are excited to add our lunch and recess period starting on May 10th! There are a few items I would like to clarify that will help us facilitate the lunch and recess block of time for the rest of the school year.

1. Parents are encouraged to pack lunch in a disposable bag.  This is not necessary but could be helpful.

2. In addition to a lunch box/bag, I want every student to bring a labeled drawstring or additional bag to hold their lunch and their towel together. This bag will make it easy to keep their towels and lunch boxes clean and orderly as they are playing at recess. Please label this bag on the outside with your child's name that is easily recognizable.

3. A letter detailing procedures for ordering our cold lunch options will be communicated soon by the district.


Mr. Garcia