• Mission Statement


         My mission as a teacher is to provide a positive school experience where every child feels special and empowered. I will provide a loving and caring environment that is child-centered and focuses on the whole child... socially and emotionally. I will teach and model how to become life-long learners by encouraging exploration, creativity, problem solving and the sharing of ideas. I will treat them with respect and be a model for them in both my social interactions and learning behaviors. I will do my personal best to recognize and meet the various needs of my students. I will believe in each child and encourage them to believe in themselves. I will give them the tools they need to face struggles and teach them that, with hard work, they can do anything. I will do my best to help each child reach their potential by creating a classroom that is safe and encourages them to want to learn all about the wonderful world we live in.

Last Modified on October 24, 2022