• I would like to emphasize the importance of homework and reading each night with this intervention reading program.  Regardless of the homework assignments, your child must read every day.  Other possible homework assignments are sorting words, practicing sight words, building words or sentences, writing, and reading aloud to you or another family member.  I will use the homework sheet as a means of communication.  Please sign or initial each night after your child has read their take-home book.

    1. Bring home your book baggie each day.

    2. Open your book baggie when you have quiet time.

    3. Read your Take-Home Book to a family member or friend.

    4. Talk about your book and what you're thinking.

    5. Have fun with your reading.

    6. Put your book in your book baggie and put your baggie in your backpack.

    7. Bring your book baggie to class each day.

Last Modified on September 1, 2017