What's New? 

    It's always head lice season! Be proactive!
    Check your kids often!
    (especially when they return from camp)
    For everything you need to know about head lice,
    click "Health Topics" then
    "Head Lice" tab on the sidebar.

    hand washing
    The spread of germs and viruses is always a concern. Handwashing remains the simplest and most effective tool to prevent illness .... it is by far one of the most important lessons you will teach your children. Encourage your family to wash their hands often. Consider it a gift.

    lost and found
    Please label all of your child's clothing.... our Lost and Found box is always full.

    Sweatshirts, jackets, shoes, gloves, hats, sweaters ... beautiful things! Lunchboxes, books, toys, balls ...we sort through the items, but very few are labeled with a name.   Labeled items are easy to return ...unlabeled items periodically get donated to charity.

    Please write your name on everything!

    Check out the Healthy Snacking section of this website for information on healthy snacking and healthy birthday parties!  Remember...
    Nutrition information/ingredients should accompany
    all treats sent
    to school for any reason.

                                        This benefits students with food allergies as well as students with diabetes.
    Please make sure your children wear appropriate shoes for school! Kids run around like crazy at recess and climb up and down the stairs in the building many times each day. I go through trays of ice tending to their twisted ankles. Students with sandals or open backed shoes (like crocs) will not be allowed to take gym or play on the equipment during recess.
    Practical sneakers will always be the best bet for school.

    Please send your children with a snack that will fuel their thinking. Try a few squares of cheese and some crackers. A few orange segments, a banana, or a small yogurt. Some of the kids bring an enormous amount of food to eat for snack !! Don't forget, they are tiny people and they eat lunch about an hour after snack! This may explain why lunch may come home uneaten at times. A few grapes, some crackers - Saltines, Ritz, Wheat Thins - the plainer the cracker, the better. Plain Cheerios are also perfect.

    Peanut butter is not available in the cafeteria.
    A child who forgets their lunch will be offered a cheese or jelly sandwich. Children have their choice of white or whole wheat bread.