Library Policies

  • The school library provides a vast range of books at various levels, and I encourage students to explore and borrow anything that inspires them. This includes books that may be above (or below) their reading level. If a student brings a challenging book to me during checkout, I take the time to have a quick conversation with them about their intentions. Sometimes a student will take a closer look and decide to make a different choice.  Often a student will say that they hope to share the book with a favorite grown-up or older sibling. I do not discourage this behavior. In addition to a student being able to select a book for shared reading, I think it’s also important that a student learns how to identify a book that may not be just right for them. Choice motivates reading.
    Second, Kindergarten and Preschool will borrow one book at a time.  All other grades will borrow two at a time. Students are reminded when borrowing books that they are due at the next library class, typically one week later. However, this is not a hard and fast rule, and I tend to allow students a grace period to return their books to the library. If a student tells me that he or she forgot that it was Library day, especially at the start of the school year or during an interrupted week, I do not prohibit them from borrowing another book(s). I trust that they will eventually return their books. Should a pattern of forgetful behavior arise, I will deal with it at that time with the student, directly. Providing a student with reading material is the goal.
    Third, I am developing an understanding with my students, through conversation, about their expectations and mine. So far, the students have proven to be respectful and thoughtful. I am introducing new ideas while also listening to what they have grown accustomed to. I look to have open communication with all of my students while maintaining their love of the library.
    I also look to have open communication with the Burnet Hill families, so always feel free to contact me via email or leave me a message x7217.
    Thank you!
Last Modified on September 22, 2021