"How are you feeling, today?"

  • Each morning when students arrive to Room 10, our student Feelings Counselor asks each peer, "How are you feeling?"  They pass their friend a name block, and the friend hangs their name in the column that best represents how they are feeling: Green, Yellow, Blue, or Red. The friend then proceeds into the classroom to begin school. Throughout the day, we are able to "check in" with each student to see how they are feeling: "Are you still feeling sad?" "I see your face and voice are very angry. Would you like to move your name block from Green to Red?" Etc.

    The Zones of Regulation are fluid; our feelings are never static and meant to stay the same.  Our use of the ZoR is to allow students to check in with their own feelings, and to develop an awareness of how their peers are feeling. (Better yet, how we each impact the feelings/emotions of others, whether positively or negatively!)

    For more information click here: The Zones of Regulation